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Donation Bins – Legislation


Lately the state of clothing collection in Greater Montreal has become chaotic mainly due to the proliferation of bins installed by private individuals for profit. Their ruthless installations of bins that are sometimes visually similar to those of legitimate non-profit ones, is misleading to the general public, and therefore contribute to discrediting genuine organizations.

Our Foundation has been sabotaged by such private businesses for many years; businesses that create false foundations and inundate Greater Montreal territories with their fictitious collection bins, while ignoring municipal regulations. As municipalities had begun to position themselves by imposing stricter legislation, our donations have decreased – an overall decrease of used clothing and item donations by 32% has been documented. Our losses of these vital finances ultimately serve to harm the community.

Fortunately, due to public’s support for legitimate non-profit organizations, new regulations are being created to facilitate installation of righful bins. As examples, City of St. Leonard now requires that organizations installing the bins are recognized by Revenue Canada, and the City of Villeray equally requires minimum space to allow the installation. City of Laval has also removed all bins which do not conform to the same regulations (see article by Radio Canada). 

Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation strongly supports these new regulations, and encourages other municipalities to adopt the same measures. We are in favor of secure and harmonious installation of legitimate bins on private property, thereby eliminating wrongful ones by private businesses.

To find out more about how clothing donations help finance our mentorship programs, please click here.

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