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Horizons Project

Horizons Project is an initiative that is unique to Quebec. It was founded in 2001 through the collaboration of three university students: Geneviève Létourneau, Joël Thibert and Samuel Vaillancourt. Horizons Projet has now merged with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Montreal. It creates partnerships between high schools and elementary schools through their participation in a one-on-one tutoring program.

The Goals Are:

  • To create a cooperative bond between elementary schools and high schools;
  • To offer students with learning disabilities more attention and personalized support in order to boost their confidence and their skills;
  • To give elementary school students a thirst for knowledge by stimulating their curiosity and creativity;
  • To develop leadership among high school students by offering them the possibility of taking on increased responsibilities; and
  • To offer a rewarding experience to tutors by developing a more human and concrete aspect of their education.

Tutoring Sessions

Each tutor is paired with an elementary school student for the duration of the school year. Pairings are established by taking into account common interests. Tutoring sessions are held each week at the elementary school after class and last between 60 minutes. During this time, an adult supervisor is present to assist tutors. This period is mainly dedicated to homework help. During these meetings, the tutor and student can exchange conversations on their daily life, allowing a bond to develop.

For more information, contact us : 514-842-9715

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