Healthy Kids

Our Goals

We encourage children to : 

  • lead an active life

  • adopt a well-balanced nutrition

  • develop a better self-esteem



Workshops and Supervision of Physical Activities 

Healthy Kids is a group mentoring program.  
Participating children are offered 10 workshops led by two employes.  
Each workshop or physical activity session lasts 60 minutes, depending on the agreement between the school and Big Brother Big Sisters of Greater Montreal. 


Advantages :


Childrenwhoparticipate :


  • Become healthier physically, psychologically and emotionally. They feel better about themselves, which has a positive impact on every aspect of their lives.

  • Improve their lifestyle and habits.

  • Create significant bonds and develop a sense of group identity. This fosters diverse and constructive exchanges.



The schoolsystem :


  • Is recognized as an innovator.

  • Creates bonds within the school community.

  • Observes positive changes in the attitudes and behaviours of children who participate in the program, and witnesses its impact on the school environment and population. 



Last year, The Healthy Youth program was offered in four of our partner schools, Léonard-De Vinci, in St-Leonard, Henri-Beaulieu, in Ville St-Laurent as well as Coronation Elementary and F.A.C.E. Over 320 students took part in this workshop. Next year, it will be integrated within two new partner schools in the same neighbourhood. This means that for the 2016-2017 academic year, we will be serving about 350 students from grades three to six. 


We would also like to highlight the fact that in 2015, we acquired a two year partnership with Saputo Inc. This will help finance the Healthy Youth program for 2016 and 2017. 


For more information, contact us.


Our Next Event

Kanawana camp of the YMCA

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