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Corner store Run

Grande Ruée

Saturday June 18, 2016

Corner Store Country Run It is with great enthusiasm that we  participated for a 3rd consecutive year, along with CST Canada Co. - Corner Store, in the Corner Store Country Run. 

The event took place on June 18th at Angrignon Park. The event’s profits went to local charities who work with youth, one of which is Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Montreal.

The proceeds from this event were donated to various non-profit organizations helping youth, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Montreal.

A HUGE THANKS to the Corner Store Foundation

As a token of our appreciation and collaboration, we offered a photo mosaic of our matches to their company. This vibrant photo mosaic highlights our common interest in helping youth within our community. Through this festive and unifying event, we are proud to count on their support for another year, and for many other future collaborations to come.

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